Grow your indoor garden.
Veggie & organic Garden kits 🍅

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mushroom kit on a kitchen table. Veggie garden with Autarponics brand.

- Our veggie garden values -

Growing your own vegetables is fun. And now easy with Autarponics kits!


veggies, aromatic & medicinal Kits

Smoothly grow your own premium gourmet mushrooms and high-quality vegetables. 

Ready to eat them in 5-10 days!! Indoor organic farming, uncomplicated and awesomely tasty 😛

autarponics white oyster kit europe
As natural as Easy

Control what you're putting in your body. 100% natural. 100% easy growth.


Growing vegetables is gentle with the planet. Non-GMO ingredients and compostable or recyclable packaging.

Self-sufficient Fresh Nutrition

It's a big claim. However, each action matters. Urgent measures should be taken. Indoor organic veggie garden at rescue.


Be... sustainable
BE... healthy
Be... antifragile

The complex food chain and agricultural/livestock sectors are facing a tipping point. We know the benefits from organic farms, but we also notice this model could hardly be highly scalable in the way it’s done now.

From Autarponics we propose a network of networks schema. A modularized resilient model, where individuals not only can feel fulfilled coming back to the roots but also achieve partial food independence.


Aeroponic Gardens

Quickly grow your fresh herbs and plants w/o the need of soil or big gardening areas.

Almost fail-proof, with a simple maintenance (15 mins a week) and makes your ROI in less than 6 months.

organic agriculture alternative showing three green vertical gardens some of them with red peppers